Crash at bank vault computer: Bypass Security? Y

When I spawn at a bank, I find that when I try to use the computer to open the bank vault, I get a crash to desktop when I select Y as an option to bypass security.

0.A-2034 b139a8d
Windows 7

Still crashing to desktop in experimental version 0.A-2037 SDL

No need to doublepost. Thanks for reporting.

Sorry KA101, I must add a third post. Same problem at V2042 (Tiles) when using the comp in a sewage treatment.

You’re not the OP doubleposting to complain that we’d released a new experimental that hadn’t fixed his issue. (Despite the fact that we hadn’t even acknowledged his post, so we probably just hadn’t seen it. We DO have other things to do, both within and outside of DDA!)

Thanks for the report.

Wasn’t aware that I was complaining. I just wished to report a problem, that’s all. I’ll also try to wait at least 10 experimental versions before I bump a thread if a bug is still present. Either way, glad I was able to do something useful by reporting a bug.

I agree to Wayne.

It’s nothing but a simple report. No one forces the programmers to remove a fault within seconds.

Suffice it that I (a core dev, and currently the primary merger) read that message somewhat differently.

In any event, fix is merged, so let us know if the problem recurs.

If you want to be polite, please don’t bump bug threads at all, the only time it’s productive to report that a bug still exists is if something has been reported to fix it, but doesn’t, or if you have some new information about it

Please understand we’re not just being snappy about this, those of us keeping an eye on bugs are reading 100+ reports of various issues a day (bug reports, additional information on bugs, “I have this problem too” reports, proposed fixes, reviews of proposed fixes, feature requests, etc.) All of this is before we can even get to fixing the issues or working on new features., We simply don’t have time for that list of things to keep up with to be any larger than it already is, so we ask that if it’s not new information, please refrain from bumping :slight_smile: