Experimental version causes weird Windows 10 related bugs

I tried installing and running the experimental version today (I tried both #4778 SDA and #4772 SDA today with the same problem) and every time I tried to run the .exe it would crash File Explorer instead. I then tried uninstalling and couldn’t delete the .exe because “the file is open in System”. I checked Task Manager and couldn’t find the .exe anywhere. I had to restart in order to uninstall properly.

I’ve never had an issue like this before - if a game or program is causing problems I can just open Task Manager and force close it. But in this case the software won’t show up in Task manager and I have no way of force closing it except by restarting my PC. Also running it triggered UAC, which is odd because the stable version doesn’t.

I can run the stable version just fine (0.C.1 Curses). Also I checked the forum and saw the sticky mentioning the SDA renderer config, but there aren’t any config files.

If anyone could work out what the hell is going on here I would be surprised.

Edit: Just tried stable SDA and it also works fine, so I don’t think it’s related to that.

I have UAC go off the first time I run it too. It just gives the annoying “It may be a risk, saved your life.” warning. Maybe your active virus protection is taking it a step further and toying with the binary.

This has happened in other experimental builds to me. I dont remember what ones, but it is currently happening with both versions of the 4824 experimental build.

Normally it gets fixed a few experimental builds after it pops up.