Crafting Wear and Tear

IRL we have a host of garments like aprons and lab coats that are at least partially designed to protect clothing worn underneath (as well as one’s body of course) from mess or damage. It occurs to me that one way to simulate equipment wear and tear…and encourage more realistic (frequent) clothes washing… would be to give certain crafting tasks a chance to soil or damage clothing. Examples might include: Cooking, mixing chemicals, metalworking, working with wet clay.

If that sort of thing is desirable, naturally.

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Would be amusing to me but horrible to others. But it could be rolled into the filthy option I suppose. Another caveat would be when bashing the stuffing out of all those zombies. If that doesn’t make ya messy…I dunno what would. :man_shrugging:

Really depends on what you are doing. Maybe cooking fish could make your clothes smell, or how cherries are hard to wash out if some end up on your clothes, but overall if you aren’t cooking with oil, your clothing probably aren’t going to need washing just after doing some cooking. Otherwise I would need to change clothing everytime I enter my kitchen if somebody is cooking there.

In labour intensive jobs like woodcutting your clothing usually aren’t damaged from the work, but they get extremely wet from sweat, so also quite smelly and uncomfortable.

So, there would need to be a distinction between jobs that might damage your clothing (like chemical stuff, particularly if the work includes acid. Still can include other jobs if you have low skill) and, more likely, make them oiled (cooking, car mechanic), muddy/dirty (farming), sweaty (woodwork, metalwork) and/or other statuses.

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