Clothing status effects

I finally realized what’s wrong with clothing. They never get wet, dirty or anything else for that matter. Much less recover from these effects. Here are some of the temporary status effects each piece of clothing could have:

Clean clothing. Morale boost.

Could be removed manually, or by waiting it out as most of the dust would shake off by itself over time. Potential disease vector. Minor morale penalty.

Needs cleaning. Food stains, oil, blood… you name it. Some morale penalty. Smells bad, too.

Fresh blood. Creatures will smell this. Potential disease vector. Becomes stained if not rinsed early.

Dries up like the towel. Adds encumberance, weight and fire resistance.

Really wet (with water). Only for certain materials: wool, cotton, fur. Becomes ‘wet’, then dries. Heavy encumberance and weight penalties. Same fire resistance as ‘wet’. Potentially causes drowning if obtained while swimming. Leaves water puddles behind. Could be squeezed manually to ‘wet’.

Haha, we just removed dirty clothing!

It turns out not many people want to do laundry in video games, as there was a whole lot of push back against this feature.

It is in a mod now. Putting these things in that mod too would be awesome, imho!

Probably should be married into an entire hygiene mod. And more infections, etc for it to be meaningful.