Crafting times being absolutely ludicrous

Alright, so it’s understandable that homemade plate armor, etc take weeks to create. But stuff like simple knife spears just seem to take way more time than they really should, I don’t think it should take 3 hours for someone to tape a knife to the end of a stick…
(On second inspection it should appear the crafting times for the /makeshift/ knife spear and /simple/ knife spear were accidentally set to be the same, unless it was intentional which is kind of silly.)

Oh and for the record Im playing on the latest stable version

It uses the proficiency Carving, which means that it probably involves cutting out a place at the end of the long stick to hold a knife. I have no rl experience of crafting a knifespear though.

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Back ages ago when I first nerfed a lot of ridiculously fast crafting times and added proficiency effects I did it in a giant batch. None of them are set in stone because it was utterly impossible to check each and every one, there were thousands. However, I think some of them have been kinda treated as if they’re what I thought was appropriate, and not just what I put on there as part of trying to adjust 8000 recipes. if you see a crafting time you think is out of line, feel free to suggest a change to it on github either as an issue or as pull request. as long as you can back up your reasoning with a bit of logic, the bar to entry for something like a knife spear isn’t high.

What I’d personally say is that lacking carving should only make it a tiny bit slower, but should have a bit of an impact on your failure chance. Probably, it’s using the default time and failure rates from carving proficiency rather than a custom one to represent how relatively unimportant carving is to the project overall.

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