Crafting Realism

One of the prime directives for CDDA from what I understand is some basis on realism. There are some things that strike me as pretty unrealistic:

  1. Crafting CBMs. Beyond the necessary PHDs in biology, electronics, and who knows what else, it would take some very specific tools, and I don’t think a soldering iron would cut it.

  2. Crafting mutagens. Ditto.

  3. Vehicle Forge, and anvil for Weapons and Armour crafting. if it needs a forge and an anvil, that generates huge amounts of heat and smoke, I can’t see how that can be mounted in a vehicle. I think these things could only be done on the ground with constructed, static equipment.

  4. Vehicle crafting. I can see how you could change tires, repair many forms of damage and bolt on plates of armor, as well as all sorts of minor vehicle adjustments “on the road”, but actually adding on whole new frame sections, adding/removing engines, gas tanks, etc would need the kind of hydraulic equipment that is to be found in a garage. It should not be able to be done outside of there.

I appreciate that 1 & 2 are relatively minor changes, whereas 3 and 4 would actually be significant changes to game play (no more “pure” mobile base)… requiring the player to actually have a static base somewhere … but I think that actually could be a good gameplay element.

  1. I’d be fine with removing CBM crafting. We had few discussions about it and everyone agreed they’re way more sci-fi than everything else.
    Plus, they get used as an argument like “we have CBM crafting so we should add x”.

  2. Mutagens require alien components meaning they’re sci-fi blob magic and don’t need to follow real life logic. Mutations themselves are also sci-fi blob magic.
    If the lore doesn’t say mutagens only work on blob-infested things, we should change it so that it says it explicitly.

  3. Vehicle forge is an induction forge. It doesn’t burn anything. The heat is generated inside the forged item.

  4. There are some requirements like that already in the experimental versions. They’re rather limited because it’s a significant change (unfortunately also one that wasn’t too well received). Later on it could be expanded.

I liked the addition of the new jacks! Slows my game down from one month and I’m a road king to about 3-4 and I am a road King.

  1. CBM cool.

  2. Mutagens. LOL whatever.

  3. Induction forge. Did some research on this, and there aren’t anything approaching portable induction forges capable of making large enough pieces that get produced by the crafting system… and even with an induction forge, there is going to a crap load of heat generated and then the metal needs to be transferred to an anvil and hammered out, and then quenched, etc … seems quite a stretch to assume this could be done in an RV.

  4. Playing experimental. I like the changes, I think it doesn’t go anywhere near far enough. Need to require a hydraulic lift for significant changes. And I think you need to have something consumable every time the welder is used. Imagine… your heavy duty board is in the red, meaning its got huge freaking holes in it, about to fall apart, and you wave a magical welder wand over it,and “tada!” all better.

  1. Hammering on the anvil doesn’t need to be done inside the vehicle. No vehicle-mounted induction forges would mean we’d have to remove all non-charcoal forging - vehicle-mounted is the least portable option out there that can still use electricity.

  2. Requiring extra metal to weld damaged armor wouldn’t change much. Metal is cheap.

People cook meth in RV’s, why not metal?

Sky’s the limit with RV’s man :wink: