Crafting pre-report

now-to know - how many of bullets or shots or rounds i shell get after successful crafting of ammo?

only counting of th number of ammo - before and after craft? there’s no other way?

if craft cased ammo then all simple - number of casing = number of rounds.
but what about 20x66 or other caseless ammo… like paper cartridges…
heh? number of pieces of gunpowder not tells me nothing.

maybe i overlook some?

There is “count” or “portion”.

No, you’re not missing anything. It looks like the caseless ammo comes in blocks of 20 (at least the 20x66) so that’s probably a good place to bet the rest of it will sit, whatever the “stack” is for the particular ammo.

Paper cartridges can be counted by the amount of paper they need, or primers for the cap and ball ammo.

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0.C.6237 - there’s no “count” or “portion” field.
i re-verified right now.

well maybe in new releases this fild appeared… maybe…