0.C-11276-g1c83647 - Reloaded 7.62x39mm ammo: wrong result


I actually noticed this on #4454, which I’m still not done with, but I thought I’d check the latest experimental, and it’s still there. The recipe consumes 80 casings, 80 primers, etc. ingredients correctly but it only produces 30 rounds of ammo… Both the M67 and M43 ammo types are affected. There might be other messed up recipes. I only noticed and checked those two, so keep an eye out…

I don’t particularly understand why it produces 30 rounds, when the ammo’s default stack size is 20, and while the recipe requires 80 casings… o_O

NOTE: this is on #4454

OK, so I did some deeper digging/testing, and I’ve been finding more reloaded ammo recipe inconsistencies.

  • reloaded 00 shot takes 25 empty hulls + 25 primers etc. but creates only 10 rounds
  • reloaded birdshot takes 25, creates 20 rounds
  • reloaded shotgun slug takes 25, creates 20
  • 4.6x30mm takes 100, creates 40. Also it’s named ‘4.6x30mm’, and not ‘reloaded 4.6x30mm’ as one might expect
  • reloaded 5.7x28mm takes 100, creates 40

I didn’t go through every reloadable ammo type, so there might be more.

I took a gander at the ammo .json files. I get most of it but could someone explain what the “count” stat means for an ammo? There’s “stack_size” and then there’s “count”.

Or is this all just a side effect of the magazine update transition, or are we in the process of systematic ammo rework, for the lack of a better word? After all, I did notice all those ammo update mentions in changelogs…