Crafting cooked meat with combat knife?

Can you guys make it possible to cook chunk of meat (has a volume of 1) with Combat Knife (has a volume of 2) or Broadsword (has a volume of 7) because i think the character can just stab the meat and cook it on bushfire.
I’m playing a nightly build from yesterday.

Or i don’t know make it possible to craft skewer from 2x4 wood with pocket knife or combat knife?

Cooking with a short knife will result by you burning your hands trying. Also swords would conduct the heat and make it very hot. Just use pointy sticks imo.

Cooking with a knife is a bad idea, cooking with a sword is a slightly better idea, as it has enough length to reduce the conducted heat similar to using a solid metal pot or pan to cook with.
Its not a particularly good idea, as it’d be pretty useless for fighting with after you used it for cooking a few things, the heat in addition to all the things that come off of cooking meat would degrade the blade.

Also, AFAIK you can already cut up a piece of two-by-four into a pointy stick or skewers to cook with.
'a’ctivate your knife instead of using the craft menu.
Edit: Number ‘3’ “Carve Wood”

IIRC either heavy sticks, 2x4 or other woods can be cut up into pointy sticks.
In the & (crafting) menu select the first tab (IIRC) then scroll down to pointy stick.

This is already possible… Just activate a knife and select the “carve wood” option.

Welp, I have learned a thing, and I’m still playing with my herbivore character.

Time to bring back Harvey the doomed mechanic.

You mean that guy with the tentacle arms?

Amongst other things, yes. I haven’t decided if those are part of his character permanently or not, since they were originally due to a game code error forcing EVERYONE to have such arms. God that was hilarious to figure out.