Cooking with flaming swords

Seems obvious. Stick hunk of meat on sword, light sword - cooked meat.

Burning =/= cooking. There’s a reason why you cook meat with a pan, or at least a sharp stick that you can rotate; exposing all the heat to a single point doesn’t cook the food very well. What you’ll get is a black burnt inner layer, and a bloody raw outer layer.

Well I gues you could use it instead of the fire and still requier a cooking instrument

But it sounds to far fetched even for my tastes

I think holding a flaming sword should increase players body temperature, in a way it increases near open fires.

  1. This is a terrible method for modeling fires, and one of our goals (I think Shoes was working on it as part of the ice lab stuff) was to replace it with the temperature around you actually getting warmer (instead of your body just magically heating up).

As for the OP, why not just light a fire and use that? Cooking over some sort of flaming sword like that is probably not going to cook things very well.

I have to disagree, it’s not exactly a raging inferno, maybe just the hands