Craftable utility lights

Probably whatever a turret is

Turrets are variable but you might want the radius of a floodlight if your going to make it with such item

This is the recipe for the electric lantern, with a floodlight and the plutonium added. Maybe add fabrication requirement and some pipes and/or nails to build your folding frame.

“type” : “recipe”,
“result”: “atomic_worklight”,
“category”: “CC_ELECTRONIC”,
“skill_used”: “electronics”,
“difficulty”: 3,
“time”: 10000,
“reversible”: true,
“book_learn”: [[ “manual_electronics”, 3 ] , [ “mag_electronics”, 4 ] , [ “textbook_electronics”, 2 ]],
“using”: [ [ “soldering_standard”, 7 ] ],
“qualities” : [ {“id”:“SCREW”,“level”:1} ],
“components”: [
[ [ “floodlight”, 1 ] ],
[ [ “cable”, 8 ] ],
[ [ “plastic_chunk”, 2 ] ],
[ [ “circuit”, 2 ] ],
[ [ “e_scrap”, 2 ] ],
[ [ “amplifier”, 1 ] ],
[ [ “plut_cell”, 5 ] ],

I agree mostly with this setup though I would believe the difficulty needs to be raised to something akin to the advanced UPS?

It’d definitely be more difficult than an electric lantern. Probably 4.

Honestly the main reason I would copy luminance from turrets is that it’s easier to duplicate in JSON. Turrets have a luminance of 200-210.

Although actually nvm I should copy luminance from the existing utility light terrain, which is hard-coded somewhere. I’ll have to find it. Weird that it’s not a JSON flag.

Whatever the case it doesn’t have to match vehicle floodlights, it’s mounted in a totally different way. The floodlight component is just to represent needing a large powerful bulb.

Edit: there we go, existing utility lights are in lightmap.cpp with brightness 240. So I’ll probably make it somewhere between 200 and 240.

To be fair you ARE handling PLUTONIUM and I’m not exactly sure what difficulty you first use plutonium cells is.

What if you just modified the existing utility lights to be foldable like braziers and give them a recipe?

Making an atomic lamp is difficulty 3.

Thought of it, but I don’t think players should be raiding the refugee camp and stealing their lights. Those are presumably plugged into a central power generator, not foldable and plutonium powered.

Where do you even get the recipe for that? I have electronics 5 and all the low level skill books and I don’t have it. Come to think of it even on all my other characters I’ve never had it and some had really high electronics

It’s reasonable to keep the utility light recipe to the rivtech design book as well.

What is the spawn chance/area for that thing as I have not come across it before

Though 3 might be fair if the only way to learn it is from that book

It’s low, but I find it often enough in labs. The recipe source is the easiest aspect to change later.

Really? wow my RNG luck must be freakin low as of all the labs I’ve went to and finished its never come up

You can get the book from bank vaults too.

Ahh never felt like opening one maybe I should -thinks of all the banks passed and ignored-

Bank vaults can have power armor, RM-13 combat armor, Rivtech design binders, purifier, all kinds of rare and useful stuff. Thats where I first found the Rivtech book. It seems to pop up there a lot.

Luckily enough I now have an electric jackhammer so the walls will fall before me

jackhammer the doors. The walls are concrete so you would need a circular saw to get through the rebar. I usually just hack the door, or quantum tunnel in (god I love that CBM).