Cosmetic graves

so with the build menu you can make a coffin seal someone inside and bury it
just had an interaction where an npc died I made a coffin where they were sealed them buried them and they promptly rose from the dead and attacked
did I miss something or do we just have to smash corpses we bury?

If you don’t take precautions to stop the corpse from rising then it’ll come back. Seems like simply burying it isn’t enough.

Its common practice to embalm and dress a corpse for a burial. Now, the tradition is a liberal application of force to ensure the recently deceased stay that way.


While this is true, I’d guess that the coffin and weight of the dirt should be enough to hold it’s denizen 6 feet under. Perhaps a slight change of mechanic is required. If I find time I may look deeper into it.

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The amount of applied force to self exume is to great. You, once buried, are in the ground for a good long while.
…that said. If you had not layered concrete over the coffin to keep the coffin from rising in the rain. You would eventually have a problem in a very wet landscape.

Some very wet areas have had coffins slowly rise from the mud and float about. I doubt this would happen in new england though. I think I read about such occurrences down south.

It would be very hard to self exhume, but I imagine Cata zombies would have a much easier time of it than most.

Well. Fantasay wise, sure I’m ok with this. But it has been proven physically impossible to self exume irl.

But I get a kick out of Return of the Living Dead films, so I’m still ok with this if it happens in game :grin:

IRL, efforts to self exhume are probably restrained by the fact that you’ll suffocate real fast, and can’t spend a couple hours wiggling to slowly slide up towards the surface. An organism that is not constrained by mere mortality would probably be able to surface given time and effort.

in game it was two maybe three minutes

"Dear community. We have gathered here today to say goodbye to our well beloved and appreciated friend Sharla ‘Rook’ Richey, who passed away in a tragic and unpredictable grenade accident.

She pulled the pin, noticed that she was thirsty and moved over to a table to pick up a bottle of her favorite beer.
When she saw the live grenade in her invent- …backpack, it was to late.
At least she died doing what she could do best: running around in panic and screaming.

Now we let her rest. But she will not be forgotten among billions others lost in the cataclysm! She will…"


“Oh, looks like we have to speed up the ceremony. Well then, bullets to the heart, boots to the brain and down she goes to the grave…”

…Looks like the gun salute may now serve a new purpose and is aimed a bit lower.

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Not a chance. I know it seems possible, but it is not. Literally impossible to self exume. If you have a closed casket of any kind. You do not have the space in which to garner leverage at all. The other point is the weight of the dirt you are buried under. You cannot possibly have both enough leverage and strength needed to self exume.

Sadly one of my ancestors was buried alive. She had a bell ringer and by the time they got to her, she was dead. Bell ringer were a feature for those folks in the old days that could have been buried alive. You had a rope attached to a bell top side. Oddly enough, her husband was so distraught by seeing his wife twisted from panic and terror, he dropped dead of a heart attack when they opened the casket. Sad way to go both deaths.

rule of cool overrides this for the graveyards and for the mass graves

The mass graves are basically open air, so it makes plenty of sense for them to just crawl up the pile.

you fail to understand the graves if you think it’s a “pile”
sure the ones on top are free but below? a single person is easily 200 pounds toss a couple dozen on top and you aren’t going anywhere

Yeah but as the ones on top resurrect and climb out of the graves the ones below have less and less bodies piled on top of them.

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