Any ways to stop a corpse from rising up without damaging the bionics/organs?

Are there are ways to prevent a corpse from rising back up with pulping the corpse?
I got rid of a few bionic soldiers and scientists but I don’t have anything on me for dissection

I presume you meant “without pulping”…

You could put them into an impassable furniture that can store objects.
Last I did that they did not rot away but also didn’t rise.
If you come back later and handle them right, they will not reanimate.

You can bring them back to your base in your vehicle (assuming you’ve got a vehicle with enough capacity) and dissect them there, assuming the travel time isn’t too long.

I haven’t done that with more than one corpse at a time, though.

In theory it ought to be possible to construct a “pen” where you keep the corpses and have means to attack them from above (assuming Z levels are enabled). I don’t think zombies can climb. Also, newly risen zombies are supposed to have very few hit points, and so should be easy to put down again (although that might also mean they might be easy to score a critical gore fest on, auto pulping them).

I remember - though from quite a long time ago - that corpses under vehicles never resurrected. If there is one nearby you could try moving them there, any tile should do.