Cook's Special

An innocent looking microwave, but when picked up becomes a hilarious weapon. When you activate it, you drop it on the ground after and lure zombies into it. They get stuck inside Because microwave and you run round the front and slam the door shut. Microwave zombies. The Cook’s Special everyone.

Yes I am serious. If we can have flaming swords giant microwaves aren’t too unbelievable.

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This isn’t Dead Rising, personally I think the flaming swords are a bit absurd, but a “giant microwave” is outrageous. Nevermind the fact that you’d need some source of power that’d dwarf even the damn plasma weaponry.

I didn’t even realize I was taking something from dead rising. It’s the FUTURE man, anything can be possible it doesn’t have to be fully realistic.

To my knowledge there isn’t something like this in Dead Rising but it smells of it. The Sci-Fi in CDDA is based off realistic things with just a touch of “Because” logic.

Demons? Depending on your religion of choice that’s one flavor of because or another, either-way it (sorta) works out
Zombies? It’s a zombie game, kinda need this “because” Besides, ask the right conspiracy groups and it’s not a “because” to them.
Teleportation? Another because that’s sorta paved over by the game’s science
Caseless ammo? It exists, has for awhile The H&K G11 (Why don’t we have this in game?)
Laser weapons? …Sorta exist, currently they’re not man portable (hell I think the only one that “works” requires a large building for it’s inner workings)
Powered Armor? Also exists, I’m sure you’ve seen the video on youtube and it’s not too unbelievable to see it in later years.
Mini-Nuclear Reactors & Advanced (Extremely Efficient) Solar Panels? We’re already on the edge of a fuel crisis, it’s not unbelievable to see this kinda tech being devloped in CDDA.

Just because it’s the future doesn’t justify something like your giant microwave. That said, this tech… KINDA exists as is… But not in the way you described:
Directed-energy weapon (DEW) - Microwave Weapons

[quote=“EkarusRyndren, post:4, topic:3538”]Demons? Depending on your religion of choice that’s one flavor of because or another, either-way it (sorta) works out
Zombies? It’s a zombie game, kinda need this “because” Besides, ask the right conspiracy groups and it’s not a “because” to them.[/quote]
These two actually have a lot of game lore behind the why and how of them, even if they don’t have actual science there.

Yeah… personally I think that almost all of the flaming items like that should be removed. They’re stupid and overpowered.

Not removed… Rebalanced, specifically in that flaming zombies (or anything else for that matter) have a chance to set other things (Zombies, critters, buildings, objects in the streets, you) on fire.

Also it’s way to easy to set people on fire right now for the amount of damage it does. Right now damage from being on fire is like this:

Hitting someone with a burning blade or torch is not going to light them on fire like that immediately.

Considering you can torch a log, or even a wall, into raging fire with just three matches…

what about putting down a 2x4 on the ground and lighting it with a lighter. in a matter of seconds you have a raging fire.

You wouldn’t be able to carry such a large device, try moving a refrigerator or ‘portable toilet’ sometime. The bulk alone would make it nearly impossible.

However, you may be able to convert microwave units into ‘traps’ by dismantling several them and aligning the emitters into a powered area of effect/energy field. It’s effect on robotics or cybernetics would be especially devastating. Though I expect most zombies would be able to stagger through with little more than some mild burns or singeing

Finally, suggestions really do belong in the suggestion sub-forum.

I could see microwaves being disassembled for parts to make EMP grenades (which, really, should be more complex than they are now), but not too much else. Certainly not a gigantic microwave ‘trap’, that’s just silly.

That’s a bug that should be totally (or at least mostly) fixed in the experimental already.

Same with this one.

Besides, just because a bad system is currently in place is no excuse to allow said system to continue, nor is it an excuse for why you should allow more bad systems into the game. Rather it’s a sign that there are places that need to be improved/rebalanced, to allow them to work better.

What about putting it on a shopping cart, dragging it around, having it get power from an engine, put a radio in to attract something, then it might be more plausible.

I never said it was ENORMOUS. An innocent looking microwave. Maybe teleporting them inside and having it shrink them really quickly and then microwave them.

…How is this more believable?

Because then it would be smaller and it would make them fit. It’s the future, who says there aren’t shrink rays?

This isn’t the SyFy channel, it’s “near” future, not ‘because’ land. CDDA is a little odd with the laws of reality but this is just bloody insane. Just no. XD

Not sure if trolling or… I think its trolling.

I didn’t even know there was a scifi channel. How is it a little odd? I was told a few days ago the only none odd thing was crafting!