Contributor appreciation thread

With dozens of contributors adding cool new features all the time, I thought it’d be nice to have an appreciation thread for those nice new additions you notice when playing.

What inspired me to make a thread was the new genres added to listening to music. The weird future music was one of the things that charmed me when I first started playing Cataclysm, and it was great to see someone add more and even fit the style. :slight_smile:


Lately especially we have a few contributors who are also very active members of the community which is always appreciated for us poor code illiterate souls. I’m sure you all know who you are, so I just wanted to say thank you for giving so much of your day to not only code and make free content for this game, but also to listen to the, sometimes fickle, community. Without any of you this lovely game either wouldn’t exist, or would be a shadow of what it’s become with your contributions.

Thank you.


I’m new to CDDA and I’d like to thank the contributors for making such a cool and intricate game, even If I don’t know or understand most of it yet. I like the game in general so far, but one of the specific things I like is the customizability of the game. I like that it has support for sound packs and mods, and using those is even easier when using the launcher. I was also pleasantly surprised with how often the game gets updated, adding and improving features of the game.

However, the security robot is completely broken. The security bot I found wasn’t interested in my security at all!

(Seriously though, thank you all for making this great game and for all the help you give the community you created)

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New labs and the research superstructure are amazing. I can’t decide whether to drive a massive distance to find one, or abandon my 1 year survivor to do a lab start.


The new NPC missions and upgrades are so good in terms of giving the world a bigger sense of purpose and progress. They really helped draw me back into the game. Currently, my main file has random NPCs and NPC needs off, but it looks like those have been worked on and balanced a lot more than I realized.
Isn’t there a sort of manual/custom camp system possible with Zones? Is there somewhere I can read up on what’s possible now?

Faction camps require 1 or more friendly NPCs to work as labor. Currently, the implementation has a single fixed upgrade path for the central camp, 4 expansions options, and some fortifications.

Faction camps don’t interact with zones much (yet): NPCs can sort your loot for you, which is nice, and they use the same loot zones as you do, which is nicer and a recent change from a less satisfactory system. At some point I’m going to revamp the camp farming system to use farming zones.

There is active work ongoing to make faction camps more flexible. All the effort is still going on behind the scenes, but visible changes should start becoming apparent soon. I mean, beyond the bit where you can use two-way radios to talk to distant NPCs.


More broadly speaking, I like the plans and direction that food and nutrition are going in. I know that sometimes it’s contentious and doesn’t always work right the first few (dozen) times, but I like the direction. Recently I saw a post that suggested some cooking recipes will become more passive after the food prep stage (e.g. leaving things to smoke like in UnReal World) which is really exciting for me. The future of 0.D is looking 0.Delicious.

I welcome these comestible manufacturing and consumption coding overlords.