Construction Equipment

I’d love to see things like bulldozers and cement mixers, as well as dump-trucks, cranes, and steamrollers. Both to add some character to Public Works buildings, and as set dressing for Construction Sites. That, and I desperately want to weld a bulldozer blade to the front of a van and go for a drive through the middle of a horde of Zed.


They need to have a higher weight, though. Cover them in some kind of really heavy new plating, like “Thick Wrought Iron” or something. That way it’s slow, even if it has a strong engine.

I would just add like 2 more engines to it then. I want to cruise through town at 60 mph with a bulldozer.

But yes, construction equipment would be awesome.

And cover EVERYTHING with spiked plating.

Yeah and become post-apocalyptic Marvin Heemeyerю :slight_smile:

There’s that automated robot system (ARS), or whatever his abbrevation is, that will build a pre-set structure in 48 hours. It literally works as it was programmed in Cpp, it has resources stack and a blueprint with a bunch of parameters bundled with it. I’m outta game of finding its jpeg online, but have read about it and remember it looks like a double-crane with a horisontal bar; thus it has two electric motor units and a carrier one that utilises them both in proprietary terms.
So it lays the foundations, builds the cups in corners and also the pillar ones, fills them with steel bars and works on. One could use this knowledge to add sauce for building something similar in our own Public W’s.