Concentrate your attention On an opponent

I d love to see the option to make my character focus on a single enemy diverting most of his attention to that target. So you d loose your surround vision to a sight cone in the direction of the chosen enemy but get additional info on it like has this particular enemy noticed me yet (spotted me following noise or smell maybe tied to range and percepion)? Also it shoul Improve my handling this oponent in meele but weakening my abillity to fend of multiple enemies. Lastly it should be possible for someone observing his enemy to stay out of line of fire as he sees where the guns are pointed (aimdodging) or duck behinde cover if beeing sprayed by an automatic weapon.

actualy you can see that enemy see you or not
North NE East SE South SW West NW letters turn into North NE East SE South SW West NW when someone see you
like this:

North: Z = he do not see you
North: Z = he see you
but sometime you have something like this:
North: & Z = one of these monsers see you maybe even both

check this press V and change to show monsters here you see list of visible monsters with health

!mi-go lllll Hostile! xN
zombie hulk lllll Hostile! xN

!= he see you
x= distance betwen you and him

but focusing on single enemy to easier deal with him at cost of ability to deal with multiple monsters is something new

I can only see that he is following me not how (sight smell or hearing) by observing enemies closly one might get to know this (with some experience with the enemy perhaps or not :P)

Nontrivial amount of work, debatable improvement (more realistic, perhaps, but also a lot more micro). I’m not in favor.

For me its often more enyoable to fight the more i have to do to influens the outcome. Thus more micromanagement for fighting / sneaking would be welcome by me. You could also avoid using this if its to tedious to do for some stray zombies but it would open new aproches on harder armed targets like npc and turrets.
If its to much work for now i am okay if you devs implement other stuff as there plenty interesting things i see in development … perhaps one day if you have time :P.