Companions and their weapons, how to?

Never really used companions before, but I got lucky and picked up the shelter one instantly this time. How to get them to use weapons is becoming an issue though.

  1. They have a gun, and I have some ammo. If I give them ammo, they won’t reload clip. If I trade the clip away, reload, then give it back, they put clip in gun and are fine until they run out again. Is there a workaround, or something I am missing? I tried just dumping the ammo on the ground, but they ignored it.

  2. How do I get them to use a melee weapon? Every time I try to give her one, she says no, her weapon is better. Then a numerical display of how much better her pistol is compared to the quarter staff is shown. This happens even if her gun is empty, because she won’t reload. It also happens if she is ordered to use no ranged weapons, and use only silent ones.


No idea for 1, but for 2 you can manually trade them and force them to give you the gun, then offer them the melee weapon. I don’t think there’s a way to get them to choose to switch to a melee weapon they already have in their inventory.

You can set up rules for what type of attacks the companions may perform, but I don’t know if that affects the “better weapon” estimates.

Also note that companions don’t know how to run, so you can’t use the tactic of running from your opponents when they come too close (unless you want to sacrifice the companion to the pursuers, giving yourself time to escape).

Yeah, this is why I ignored NPCs for so long, I knew it wouldn’t work well.

So this did work, I didn’t realize that they would accept any trade after officially joining you. Giving them the gun back just makes them drop it though, so I will have to get them something to hold it in.

After that, ill just have to see if they can switch back and forth as I need them too, but I have my doubts…