Bundle up!

You can already sleep on piles of clothes and gain various warmth benefits to stabilize your temperature, so why not add a “bundle up!” command?

Similar temperature stabilization benefits to sleeping on a bed with clothes on it, without having to sleep. You bundle up there and go into bundle up mode. If you spend time there (ie reading, eating, waiting, etc) you gain the benefits slowly over time. If you do anything complicated, get into combat, or otherwise something that’d not be conducive to sitting there in one spot, the ‘bundle up’ mode will cease.

Thought about it, but never really got to implementing it.
Could be made automatic: by simply checking if the player is currently waiting or reading.

Could also do it based on any long-term activity, or ones with a flag allowing it (indicating that they don’t require moving around, for example bundling up while working on a car doesn’t make sense).

For some reason I was convinced this was already a thing??? Either way if it isn’t I fully support that being updated! XD I LIKE MY COZYNESS.

Yes pleeease. My insomniac keeps freezing while he reads books by console-light. Think of the insomniacs!