Combat power tools?

Am I the only one wishing for more power tools we can use on enemies while they’re activated like the chainsaws?

Just imagine it. A jackhammer making bloody swiss cheese out of anything you use it on. It’s not just for digging and hitting things with, people. Stick that sucker’s little brother on the tip of a spear and suddenly you have a spearjackhammer, jackhammering bodies to a pulp from two tiles away even while they’re stil standing. The one I found could do 800 strikes a minute. That’s basically 13 strikes a second! If I wanted to automate a spartan’s spear jab I’d choose a jackhammer.

Whatever you call that power tool they use to flatten gravel and other things before the roller rolls in, point that sucker against a body and you’ll be pushing it back all day as if you had a world champion boxer on automatic.

The ol’ spinning mining drill. I doubt anything’s armor would stand up to that. Buzzsaws too. Use that and expect your enemies to be diced in twain. The jaws of life! Preserving your life by ending the life of others. Pretty sure that would rip off a limb or two.

On the subject of amputations. It would be funny if while the player is fighting then an arm, a leg, a head, or even complete bodily bisection to leave a zombie’s lower body behind and turn it into a crawler could happen. Perhaps even allow a player to pick up a zed’s limb and use it as a weapon.

You could wield those power tools like the chainsaw, but they’re all gonna suck. The player would need power armor or Hydraulic Muscles-level strength to wield them effectively. I, for one, am totally down for power armor and/or high strength giving to-hit and speed bonuses to wielding heavy weapons.