Combat flavor text

Will there be any additions to combat messages in the future? No matter what weapon I use, be it a spear or a sword, I always get messages about “clobbering” and “whacking” the bad guys.

Thats because your not-so-intelligent characters HITS the enemy with a blunt side. If your not-so-intelligent character used the spear or sword correctly you should see “You SLICE/STAB x for x damage”.
And yes, that “not-so-intelligent character” applies to everyone’s character. WHY WOULD YOU USE A SWORD TO HIT WITH THE BLUNT SIDE?!

If you were playing the MGS mod you’d know: because you want the target alive, preferably for your no-kills run.

(Not that Arsenal Tengus are in Cata–I’m just joking there.)

Might the verb-choice involve mutation attacks? I’d imagine having Hooves kick in (unintended but left in) would push hard for a Clobber, given their damage output.