Color generation of image fonts


After finally figuring out how to load bitmaps in place of font files (stupid mistake and brain fart on my end) I ended up with this:

Save for a few colors (blue, red, lgreen,) everything is in black and white.

How are colors generated when using .png’s? The only info I could find is really old ( 6 years ago ) and says:

Currently, Cataclysm will load in an image file and remove a magenta (255,0,255) background from it. Then it makes 15 copies, one for each color of ascii character. This process could probably be optimized, since Cataclysm appears to only use the first 128 ascii characters. I need confirmation on this

Is this a bug or have I missed something (again)?

The weird thing is that only the background colors are being loaded. I checked the used .png’s and they seem to be alright (correct colors, foreground is pure white).

Edit: Here’s the color menu showing the generated background colors.