Code contribution: marking inventory items as important

I’ve been working on a small contribution that allows the player to mark items as important using the item detail menu. Doing so causes items marked like this to appear with a white background in the inventory so the player can spot these items more easily. It does this by adding a new flag called “IMPORTANT_GEAR”. The option is a toggle, so doing the same thing on the same item already marked will remove this flag. Also, I’m going to make it so certain items retain their special text colour (weapons with ammo will be green but with white background) but there is a limit to this as I find the colour definition code baffling and I’m not comfortable trying to add more at this point.

I’m willing to make a pull request, however, I wanted to run a quick check by here first - from reviewing the code, the inventory stuff is all over the place and I’ve been told (on a different forum) that modifications to the inventory will be rejected unless it is a full revamp.

Are there any objections or suggestions? It’s been a long time since I last made a contribution (the last time being before the mass excision of items into JSON files I believe) so I’d rather get some feedback from existing contributors before I go any further with it.

I don’t see any objections myself. But it depends on the code of course.

Also, lot of devs don’t look here that often. So opening a PR is really the best way to get feedback. (Esp as the proof is in the code).