Coalony Collapse Disorder

CCD, the bees are going extinct and world population keeps growing, but the game has food everywhere, the underbushes, houses and the grocery has food like it’s growing in the tree(pun intended), i think that in the future that bees have gone extinct or died alot and there will be less food, and somone is make a mod or enhance this idea somehow

…uh…yeah… ok, How would one go about implementing the lore of colony collapse disorder into the game? Its… an idea, but you don’t seem to have put much idea into… how to do it, or what it would look like, or why it would be a good idea, or how it could make the game more fun.
Admittedly the idea of CCD being part of the full pantheon of apocalypses hitting the world simultaneously is a fun one, but if you want something like that to get implemented, your going to have to put a little more effort into it, or the more likely implementation will be that the games bees are too big to polinate flowers anymore, and so all the flowering plants not already being decimated by invaders is dying off by the oversized bees and the starving, malevolent horses eating everything that remains. Destroying the world in the process.

idk why wed do it. new insects would rise to fill the niche. while cat-sized bees are a niche idea, having them gives use a meme in Royal Honey. and beegirl mcfaceeater.

The setting isn’t the future, in part to head off this kind of speculation. It takes focus away from the apocalypse if the pre-apocalypse is too alien.

yup, bionics n stuff are still fairly niche, although I do support monster evolution killing off weaker species that give meat and leaving the strong to rebalance the food economy towards making farming making more sense (bears, moose, ect)