Clothes states!

What about having “states” to the clothes?.. like:

Jacket- Normal state, nothing changes

Wet Jacket- Wet state, makes you take more movement points. Lowers PER.

Burning Jacket- Lowers your INT and PER.

Sweated Jacket- Nothing, but it can convert into ¨"Wet"

Jacket covered in bile- Lowers INT, makes you take more movement points.

Jacket covered in acid- Pain. Damages the clothes. Lowers INT and makes you take more movement points.

Obviously, these states would not be stackable, i mean, if you have some wet cargo pants and a wet jacket, it will not take double effect.

What do you guys think?

For wetness in particular I was planning on making it work that way at some point, only the outer layers would get wet from weather, and it’d soak through over time, you’d only get hit with the morale penalty once it made it to your innermost layer of clothes. The problem is it requires a lot of work from the game engine to keep track of all the states in a sensible way, and I think it’ll take a relatively large chunk of code to make it happen.

Is it possible to make wet clothes give you negative heat value? So that you could have freezing to death in the rain as well as putting your t-shirt in the river on a hot day?

Very possible, wetness already erodes warmth, it just won’t go negative. I can’t remember for sure, but if you’re totally soaked it eminites most or all of the warmth from your clothes.