Clean Broken Window drops glass shards at begin of Haul

Before boarding up the broken window, I did start hauling the four planks. As I cleaned up, I did notice the glass shards weren’t near me. Later, I found them teleported at the exact place where I started hauling the planks.

So, to replicate the issue:

  1. Have a broken window
  2. Pile 4 planks in one place far from the window
  3. Grab the nails
  4. Start hauling the planks up to one tile from the broken window
  5. Open the Construction menu
  6. Select Clean Broken Window
  7. Notice the glass shards now are at position from point 4.

Version is vanilla 0.E-3 without mods nor launchers.

So the “Haul” command you are using is " \ " key, correct?

That key makes it so you drag EVERYTHING you can drag on the ground. It will even sweep up new things in tiles you are moving into as you come across them. This does take time, quite a bit if your moving a lot, but it may not have been noticeable with just the planks, nails, and glass.

Yes, that is “\”. An yes, I know it scoop up things along the way.

The glass shards have been created by the Construction (*) menu “Clean Broken Window”. They where not on the ground. This was a broken window in a starting looted shelter.

Those shards teleported to the tile from where I started hauling the planks. This happens only when you do not stop the hauling action BEFORE the construction action. It seems when a construction job needs to place new items in the world, the game places where the hauling began instead of where you are at that moment.

Can not verify this in experimental build 11535.
It’s possible that this has been fixed. Please download the newest experimental and try again (I suggest to make a backup of your save before you port it over - if you don’t want to start a new world).


I’ve done the same steps in b11537 with a new scenario, and confirm it has been fixed. Thanks @Valase for having taken a look.

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You’re welcome, and thank you for your detailed report of the bug which made it easy to try it out :smile: !
And also thank you for letting us know for sure :smiley: .