[0.9 Stable] Crash when attempting to Clean Broken Window

When I stand next to a broken window, open the construction menu and select Clean Broken Window, the game immediately crashes to the desktop with no error message. If I am not standing next to a broken window I get the normal “Construct where?” message and no crash.

I am using the SDL tiles version with tiles turned off.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Generate a random character and world.
  2. Walk to any window.
  3. [ s ]mash the window.
  4. Open the construction menu [ * ]
  5. Select [ h ] Clean Broken Window

Seems to be a problem with the whole construction menu at present. I’d hoped it would be fixed pretty much asap, because it’s pretty crippling. Afaik most people can’t dig pits either, and some can’t deconstruct items.

Hi folks,

Seems that there is a fix available:

This has worked for me (windows 7 64 bit using tiles)

Specifically, look for the link that says “0.9 rebuilt”

Yes, I just ran and verified the hotfix. It’s working just fine.

Can someone confirm that the download link from the front page now links to a functional version? Want to make sure I updated it correctly.

I selected “windows” under “stable release”; dowloaded 4.4mo (instead of 5.2 from the buggy version).
I crashed a few after trying to deconstruct stuff with my new shiny stone hammer; game saved dureing the crafting of the hammer.
When i loaded this save with the new version, got a red “Attemted a recipe with no available components!” while i get my stone hammer without using stuff to craft it.

Tryed to use the menu, sound fine for now.

Yes, I can confirm I no longer get this issue, thanks.