Does haul items no longer de-activate?

As the title says.
I’ve noticed that if i’m hauling items along the floor then move them, say in the advanced inventory window, i’ll still be in “hauling” mode even though the tile i’m on is empty.
I then start to haul when I walk over a tile that has an item/items on it.

I always assumed hauling was a mode of operations, so to say, and had to be manually turned both on and off.

Hauling is deactivated automatically when character:

  • starts to run;
  • drops stolen items (during NPC dialogs);
  • mounts a creature.

How long has it been that way?

I’m sure it de-activated when the tile you’re standing on became empty

Have no idea. Try bisecting by yourself. Start with the version from October 2018 when hauling was added.

It did. I like it better this way; just took a little getting used to. Also it’s convenient to not have to load up every duffel bag I own just to cart all my shit up and down stairs.

Hauling items along the ground lets you move them up and down stairs without putting it all in your inventory. That’s one of the reasons I started using it/

Just remembered i’ve got a couple of old builds on a hard drive.
Tried it on build 8577. Hauling de-activates once the tile you’re on is empty.

Then something was changed in between that and current version.