Citizens' bunkers

unfortunately, it is impossible to turn someone into the mycus, this is due to the fact that mutations and NPCs do not work well together. The only thing I can say for sure is that NPCs are very vulnerable to clouds of spores, an explosion of hands, constant vomiting and pain without the possibility of dying, in general, it’s creepy.

the only way you can attach someone to the common consciousness of mycus is to come up tight and start throwing out clouds of spores unrestrainedly. of course, it doesn’t work for everyone, and people run away quite easily. but the damage from this is huge. as an example, a moose needs no more than 5-6 moves in the cloud to die. and also your mushroom friends are not very strong. strength is in quantity, that’s the strength of mycus. the main thing is not to forget to get all the valuable resources from the houses before infecting the cities, otherwise you will have to break all the mushroom storages in an attempt to find what you need.

and don’t forget that mycus is friendly to you absolutely always, without exceptions. always. these are not pathetic NPCs ready to betray you, animals or someone else that can start attacking you in the report or demand care. Mycus are independent, will be ready to die at your hands, every single one, if you so wish, without resistance. Mycus is the only faction in the game that you can REALLY JOIN, it’s the only faction that WELCOMES you. Since the other survivors have turned away from the player, all the creatures in this world are trying to kill us, but only mycus is ready to make friends with us. This proves that mushroom communism is the best thing in the game.

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Honestly, I’m having a lot of fun with the Mycus. Whilst I’m am only a fledgling with the ways of the Mushrooms and spores, with only two of the three traits needed to make my conversion. I still find it easy enough to settle close by the fungal towers and let them do their thing. Removing all hostile denizens in the city. Despite the risk of the spores infecting me too.
The one thing I’d like to know too is if I can make a permanent base of operations without fear of the mycus covering all my stuff. Or is that something I have to watchout for?

Also, It’s a shame I can’t convert other NPC to the ways of the Mycus. Maybe those rare Mycus followers you find by the towers could join? Still, one day. All shall see the glory that is the Mycus.

I apologize for too long answers. here’s a little guide to living with mycus:

  1. mushrooms are true lovers of underground work, I do not know why, but they almost do not use stairs to travel up, mostly down, so the infection of the tower should come from the top, living on high floors is possible.
  2. mushrooms cover all the furniture, most of the structurally they do not cover just lying things, they do not infect steel doors (wooden ones can) and also mushrooms (pure mushrooms not infected) NEVER break doors or furniture.
  3. mushroom-infected NPCs near the towers do not want to join you, they are useful only for the sake of fruits and seeds if you are lucky enough to find them from the start.

I’ve never felt any problems living side by side with mycus, all you need are doors stronger than wood (even glass will do, it’s illogical, but only wood is vulnerable), and make sure that no one gets into your base: young mushrooms grow in large ones, and those give birth to spores that can create new fungi babies. if you are a wandering car lover, I strongly recommend leaving the car OUTSIDE the city, as infected cities are teeming with friends with mushrooms, and your car will be very painful. I also recommend not to get too close to adult mushrooms, even if you are friends: they can still give you the effect of a dispute, which very much removes the speed, just spray a huge amount of spores in 1 of the houses on the second floor, and sleep in the next house behind the door, your friends mushrooms will take care of everything themselves