Whats Your Favorite Starting, And Ideal Structure To Hold Out in the Cataclysm

I personally am fine with the evac centers, i like to use to underground for horde avoiding, and panicking about the horde upstairs. But the best thing about a evac shelter is the free light from the console. Eventually when i get enough materials, i would like to reform a mansion into a zombie slaughtering arena, hall ways full of traps, something straight out of a horror movie.

So whats your plan?

Do you like the challenge of living outdoors? or do you live in a car? let us know.

Ive been playing with no static spawn and hordes recently, generally for the first few days I base myself in a house on the edge of town and go raiding for stuff then come back and dump, by about day 7 I start working on a car then go mobile. Sadly, ive discovered hordes are a bit of a fizzer, acid rain seems to get more of them than I do. I do grab any caltorps I can find though, sprinkle them about my house and carry a few on me for some quick mobile defenses incase I want to clear a mall or something.

Once im mobile I try and sleep in any house I can find when im tired to stop zombears from humping my solar panels. Basements if I can, if not, I just smash the walls to see if there is anyone nearby and clear the area a bit.

I don’t play with hordes, but I like to live in public works, the starting shelter, and sometimes basements. And sewage plants.

evac shelters,grages,LMOE shelters,empy caves

I wouldn’t go into a cave if there’s a broadsword at the bottom of it. Fucking bears and zombie bears

i clear a few blocks of a town and then hole up in one of the houses.
i once found a weird building on the edge of a forest, not listed on the map - all entrances were boarded up, so i destroyed one of the windows and lived inside it for almost a whole season.
also, gas stations in the middle of nowhere are often my temporary bases.

One of these days I am gong to finish a nice log cabin with a large garage. The problem that I run into is that it is a bit of a catch-22: I want the garage to build my vehicle, I want my vehicle to gather the wood to build the garage… Water access never really seemed to be an issue for me, jerrycans and such seem to be easy enough to build and an indoor amenity vehicle with a couple of water tanks will hold enough to last, well, a long time, and funnels seem to work fine… Underground sleeping seems to miss the point of things a bit to me. Sure a zombear will wake you up from time to time, but there is no penalty to sleeping in armour so…

i like to make my base somewhere on surface, sleepidg and doing things under ground do not work for me because i use solar powered minifridges and yes animals and Z animals are anyoing but some spiked pits is enought to sleep in peace alslo labs upper floor is realy nice because it have high chance of having storage of some items and bedroom alslo lab have iron doors but is good idea to make house on lava because its warm and you have infinite fire source, for water supply i like to use 55 gallon durms hordes are not too bad just make another base somewhere with some basic things like water and food and some traps and in your primary base prepare transport vehicle to run away with all your things alslo later you can reclaim your base by atracting horde to other place with noise maker or shotgun

Normally I doss in the starting shelter because by the time I have wheels and can locate a better place I’ve got too much stuff piled up and it would be a major pain to move it all. I use the basement for sleeping and reading, but don’t do much else there because it’s dark.

In my most recent game there was a very conveniently located Sewage Plant so I’m using that. It’s extremely secure because there’s only one entrance and that leads into a small room with one door into the main room. When I’m inside I’m far enough from the entrance for nothing to smell me, and it would have to break through two doors to get in.

sewage plant have 2 enterances, one from parking and other on other side of plant but yes its realy safe

Keep moving.

Used to keep bases but that’s just busy work.

yes but its good to have place where you can store your items and creating mobile base need some time too

All vehicles have enough room to store some parts to repair your equipment. You only really need a base for trophies, reserves, and crafting. Crafting is not entirely necessary, trophies are definitely not necessary, and reserves are, well, if you keep moving and looting then you shouldn’t exhaust your supplies either…

but still is good to have place where you store items what you do not need for now

I prefer FEMA shelters, once you clear them out, you get not only effectively 10 homes in one compound, but you also get an armoury, crafting bench, mess hall, and about 15 different crates which can have everything from Tshirts to Fish aid kits to explosives to food.

And also I enjoy the fact that I have ten different rooms, as it were, to organize.

Eventually though, once I get to that point, I hope to be able to get a mobile base larger than the OSVMOV, which was just a police car with a flamethrower and armoured wheels.

I actually build a shack on the surface.

Then I dig.
And dig.
And dig.
And dig.
And eventually I create a dwarven house right out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. If I’m ambitious I build a little house on the surface for a vehicle cooker.

[quote=“gtaguy, post:16, topic:6344”]I actually build a shack on the surface.

Then I dig.
And dig.
And dig.
And dig.
And eventually I create a dwarven house right out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere. If I’m ambitious I build a little house on the surface for a vehicle cooker.[/quote]



Anyway, I usually do Public Works, Mansions, and very occasionally prisons and FEMA camps. Walmart is good if you can handle the zeds. When I’m on the run, an edge-of-town house or, in a very cleared-out town, a fenced-in park does well. (Handy about those is that if you have some guns or a bow, you can stand inside and shoot the crap out of anything outside while remaining safe, picking off the last guys with melee weapons.)

Its in the construction menu in the experimental.

I keep my eye out for one of those gas stations that are by themselves. They’ve got a source of water (toilet), a good amount of food, a back room for safety, and free gas for molotovs and vehicles. And they’re usually far away from any zombies.

The starting shelter is pretty good too, if it isn’t too close to the city. The console light is super handy and it has lots of furniture to get raw materials from. I also like having curtains on my windows.

I have often lamented the plight of fish…