I think i’ve read something about it but i can’t find it back.

What about circus ? It would fit well with DDA and CZS, and gives the oportunity to add some strange animals (and mutated ones in DDA). Elefant, lion, big snakes, girafe, horse…

Also new zombies : clowns (can throw several knife in one attack, can move on a big ball…), acrobates (fast, can climb like the Parkour perk, special move like martial arts…), fire throwers (can spread fire)…

More, we could mount. Horse, but also other kind of animals. So new items, like saddles, horse food… They smell but they are usefull to go faster in the forest for example, and swim, and ultimatly, they are food…

as far as i know their are no circus in DDA ( at the moment)

I have been entertaing the idea of horses mules etc. for an new option of transport that needs food and rest like the player does but im not sure how easy that would be

I have been on the df forums for too long, I thought you meant something else :wink:

Well, the adamantine for the claws has to come from somewhere.

so thats why the mines are full of monsters.