Chopping wood and felling trees should be noisy work

Ever chop down a tree with an axe? Not nearly as loud as a chainsaw, but you can hear it a literal mile off. And when a good-sized tree hits the ground you can hear it and even feel it through the ground a pretty good ways away.

Don’t know about how loud the chopping is, but trees already make you ears ring for awhile when they fall. I’m assuming the tree falling by itself is enough to bring in anything in your reality bubble, and draw local hordes to you.

Whoah, I missed that. I have bionic ears so I guess that was cut out automatically.

Or I just wasn’t paying attention.

Bionic ears automatically protect your hearing, that’s why. Not sure if they would stop the ringing from bigger explosions, but I know for sure that they will protect against noise from collasping buildings at least. I can’t imagine a falling tree being louder than a burning, collapsing building.

Wait felling a tree actually makes your ears ring? I’ve chopped down a few pretty big trees easily around 100 feet and yeah it’s definitely loud and everyone hears it but its also not like a shock wave that hurts your ears.

Trees in game would not be as loud as you guys assume. I have been near such trees enough to know that the tree has to be much bigger than what we have in game to be so loud. Plus, chopping isn’t loud at all. You would hear a boxer hitting a bag about as loud.

Youtube chopping a tree. You will find pine to be a soft wood and not difficult to chop. As for harder wood. Not much of a change really. Chainsawing however…yes, because the engine noise. Chopping? Not to loud and the tree falling, not too bad either. Nothing that would hurt the ears or draw to much attention.

If this were to change though. I would think that the noise would carry in an open area and create a scaled amount of noise based around how many object surround the cause of the noise. You would draw more attention on the edge of the forest than in the middle, due too the surrounding object to the source.

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Sound carrying more over open terrain makes sense, but I have to disagree with how noticeable chopping is.

I have pretty clear memories of recognizing the sound of folks using an axe from a mile off, easily.
It was an area I knew fairly well and I was on foot and tuned in.

Human ears are pretty decent once we get rid of distractions and pay attention.
Was it loud? No. But it didn’t fit in at all and commanded a lot of notice.

Zombies have little else to do, I’d think abnormal repetitive noise would draw them.

Not sure your mile and mine are the same. I can hear chopping at 60 yards. But you are not going to convince me you know where it is coming from anything further mate. I have too much time in the woods. Sure I can HEAR some chopping. But it will be pretty difficult to figure out where it originates. So in context of the game. The reality bubble would make the chopping noise negligible is my point.

Short version: Reality bubble would negate much of the draw effect that this idea implies. I mean I totally get the idea. I just think, the mobs would have to be pretty close by already and would probably detect the player character anyway. Chopping or just walking.

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Chopping trees IS loud. I live in a small village and logging is a constant job in my life. Chopping wood sounds (from distance) like a silent, faint gunshot. Thats why people who steal wood have to work FAST. A big, wet, heavy birch-tree makes a lot of noise when it falls. Even breaking branches during the fall may be loud. Loading logs on our trailer is also quite loud, especially the first “layer” of logs. It is quite difficult to load them quietly. A chainsaw is very loud but it is hard to predict an exact place from which the sound comes. It is not connected with sounds at all but chain is likely to blunt when we cut a tree which is caked with dirt or mud

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I live literally next to a forest. I hear nothing short of when a company blasts. My family has rednecks chopping trees all the time. I don’t know what magical trees you people have near you. But here in New England, white pine is the average tree we chop. It isn’t loud and it isn’t up for debate. I know you think I’m being rude. But when you stand near the tree or chop it yourself. Ya kinda know this stuff, folks. It really isn’t that loud. We have mounds and hills so much so than anywhere in the world with similar trees. This alone makes the origin of the noise pretty difficult to determine. Soft rotting fallen brush in over abundance plays a role here too.

try this vid for just random chop tree search

Guy talks as loud as it sounds chopping and falls.

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Fair enough, it was with much newer ears and there may be a nostalgia effect at work.

I don’t think it would bring that much to the game by making different trees produce different sounds from chopping. Not sure if that is what you were trying to point out.

As for the trees falling I think it should be dependent on the tree trunks produced, but I think it’s odd that they make your ears ring. With that being said, I don’t remember if I had any ear mutations or the good hearing trait. That may affect it too.