Noise and Animals

This is my first post as I’m primarily a full time lurker, hello all!

I’d just like to state I have no ability to code so if you require that of me in order to present ideas, I can’t help here further…

I have been seeing numbers of people being mauled to death by bears. I know personally if I’m not strong enough to fight a bear I’mma run, but let me ask:

Would it add an interesting depth to incorporate the opposite noise reaction for wild animals? Banging on a trash can lid(or equivalent) would definitely scare a bear away, but it would also lure the zed within earshot. Does this seem like a decent idea?

Definitely an interesting idea, and something that could probably be added once we get around to rewriting some of the enemy AI code (which is horribly inefficient at the moment).

Hmm cool. I imagine being able to use sound to your advantage to incite some animals into a frenzied escape or as a diversionary tactic I.E., frightening a bear into horde of zombies while you book it.