Changing the Plasma Rifle's ammunition to Fusion Packs

Simply put, I don’t think the Plasma Rifle should run off Hydrogen Cells. Instead, it should run off of Fusion Packs. Here are my arguments.

  • The Plasma Rifle is like the now defunct Plasma Engine, which was removed because it ran off Hydrogen Cells just like the Plasma Rifle. No one wants to fire off ultra-rare items for only a few shots of Plasma.
  • Currently, the Fusion Pack only powers one gun. The Fusion Gun, in fact. Fusion Packs are explicitly meant to fire superheated gas (like plasma). The Fusion Gun and Plasma Rifle also both create and explosion and leave a raging fireball behind.
  • From an in-universe standpoint, would it really make sense to have two weapons that have hard to create resources as ammunition?

Alright, there’s my argument. Do people think that this works? Comments? Questions? Rebuttals?

If your argument is that the plasma gun and fusion gun are the same thing, the obvious solution is to get rid of one of them, not make them even more similar but still keep them both.

The in-universe rationale has little to nothing to do with the survivor’s situation. Weapons manufacturers IRL love to make incompatible proprietary kinds of ammunition so they can insure a revenue stream from both the guns and the ammunition, but customers (including national militaries, which have a lot of weight to throw around) prefer standardized ammunition, so it’s a tension between the extremes.

In the case of exotic plasma weaponry, it’s a given that there hasn’t been an opportunity for standardization to occur, so it’s certain that there would be bespoke ammunition types from every company making a plasma gun.