Changing the font in game

Hey all, got a weird question, I just got the new version of .5 (loving the changes so far btw) but the font looks so weird to me, I got use to the other one so things look off now, is there any way to change the font in game to look different?

From what I can tell:
Place the font you want to use in the “Font” folder of your “Data” directory.
Open up “FONTDATA” in your “Data” directory with a text editor.
It’s currently:

Change it to 3 lines, for example the old font is:

Terminus 8 16
First line is your font’s file path. The “Terminus” font does not need a font file (.ttf).
Second line is the game screen’s horizontal size.
Third line is the game screen’s vertical size.

I tried it but nothing changed :confused: