Changing max level of stats

I’ve been messing around with a super overpowered character, but even if I give myself 1000 character points it won’t let me raise any of the base stats (strength, dexterity, etc.) over 20. Any way past this?

Edit them in debug menu. You need to bind it to a key in keybinding options.
Then in game you open the debug menu, then ‘d’ (edit NPC), select yourself, edit stats and set some superhuge stats there.
Don’t set them too high - 1000 is safe, but at 100000 weird things can happen.

Thanks! Now I can make my Amazonian lizard woman who can drag buses and punch down super alloy walls!

I tried to do that, but it just says “No NPC is there” when I use it on myself. Also, when I use it on NPC’s, it only lets me alter their skills, not their stats.

Oh, it only works in experimental.

In stable, you have to manually edit the save. It is human-readable. You want to change the stats like “str_max”, “per_max” etc.

What file do i have to edit?

save/[world name]/[string of symbols].sav

Though I recommend playing experimental, it has a lot of new stuff.

I saw. I just decided to download experimental to fuck around with Amazonian Lizard Chicks. However, I discovered that I can’t drag anything larger than a car no matter what, which makes me sad.