Changing "fire mode" in meele weaponry

I’ve been thinking about meele weapons. What if devs or modders made a way to change to set a weapons’s “fire mode” to “point”, “blunt” or “cutting” instead of “normal”? It would restrict the game from actually bashing with scissors, cutting with nail boards and blunting with spears

This would also give you the option of maybe smacking something with the back of a wood axe, if you didn’t want to risk having it yanked away as you flee. Or, when other survivors are implemented, using blunt damage to stun instead of kill. Or switching to a method that would more easily pierce armor.

Yes. Nobody just wildly wacks an enemy with a melee weapon. Especially once you have picked up a certain amount of skill, this could make the rare weapons more efficient. Now we only also need targeted attacks to stab hulks in the eye with a nail.
Furthermore, you could pick up the option of entering an unarmed style. There’s stuff like Kendo for the Katana or Talhoffer for pretty much any blade and the broadsword and many other styles of melee combat you could pick up that would unlock boni.

I like the idea, it would give melee a little diversion to just stupidly whacking on and on.