Differences in background colour between TTY and Gnome-terminal

Hello all,
I recently discovered this game and I can say it was the gaming discover of the year for me.
It is really enjoyable for me realize the infinite possibilities and how all things work inside game on the go.
But there is one question I like you to answer me; I prefer ascii look and I’m using the ncurses version of the game (now the 0.E. 0.C and 0.D before. Same behavior) and the best terminal background color for this is the pure black. And here is my doubt:

  • If I’m in TTY the background is pure black as normal
  • If I launch the tileset version of game and choose “No tiles”, I have a pure black background
  • If I launch curses version in gnome-terminal for example, I have a bleach grey independently of the background color in the terminal preferences (It changes when the game launchs). And this is very annoying for my eyes to play this way.

    Why is the reason for this?

My operating sistem is Debian GNU/Linux, but I test this with other distros and it is the same.
Thank you in advance and forgive my bad english

The gnome terminal has a color scheme. TTY does not.

That was my first thought, but my terminal doesn’t has this color scheme and, if I change it, the same bleached gray is in the game. I mean: I set a white over black color scheme for the terminal and whe the game launchs, it change that color to that in the screenshot. :man_shrugging:

Hello again,
I finally solved my issue in a way that ashame me because I’m dumb;
The gnome-terminal has 2 color schemes: one for text and another for color palette. If I change the first to white over black, the background is black but it changes as soon as I launch the game.
But if I change the second too to terminal colors or rxvt, then, whe game launches, black background remains.
Thank you @anothersimulacrum for your help and sorry for this post about a problem, in the end, so easy and inexistent.
Good cataclysm.