Changes to Vehicle Welding

The changes to welding add the requirement for nuts and bolts on a bunch of welding recipes if that is too stay then you should get some from deconstructing cars since its not like welding wire some of them should still be usable

Link to PR: #65871

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Agreed, unless you wanna argue that the nuts and bolts are literally welded into the car (lol mechanics skill 0)

There definitely need to be more sources of nuts and bolts, they’re way too rare in the wild.

I can say that disassembling benches gets you a bunch if you do a lot of them. I deconstructed all the benches on the lower level of an evac shelter and got a ton of them.

Definitely would be worthwhile for someone to go through and try to find things that should be dropping bolts, that aren’t. The problem there is very much going to be that most home and consumer goods rarely use nuts and bolts. Its adhesives, nails, screws, and rivets for the most part.

A low yield, highly available candidate would probably be chain link fences and gates - Most of the ones I’ve seen in my life have the fencing attached at regular intervals to a top bar or wire.

I’m thinking that they should be found more often. If not in garages (I own at least 2 sets of nuts and bolts :wink: then at least in hardware stores (I’ve hit 10 hardware stores in a row and didn’t see a single one)

Damn, nuts and bolts… I think it crosses the line where details become too fine. I doubt game will ever be able to emulate the whole assortment of fasteners and their applications to a satisfactory level, it would require emulating everything from corrosion to stresses and metal fatigue. Nuts and bolts come in all shapes and sizes and they’re just one sort of a fastener out of at least several dozen that I know of and probably several dozen I dont know of. Why were they even added?

Because welding construction was being audited and overhauled, and a lot of parts make regular use of both [bolts and welds to be structurally sound]("real"(ish,riveting%20and%20welding.). Rivets are more common for the use case, but rivets don’t exist in game, and bolts are fine substitutes in most situations.

Numbers might be a bit high on the total bolts required though. Not sure if its just unquestioned, or if the questioning went on in the dev discord and just never made its way to paper on the PR.