Change the recipe from "Mannwurst" to "Hanswurst"

I had a little happy moment and I want to share it with you.

While I was reading about the newest Speznaz tricks, my compagnon Alphai started to loot the hell out of our shared bunker. After he eats a kindergarden load of cookies and chips he wants to reenact the fantastic role of Mr. Creosote in ‘The meaning of life’ by Monty Python - seriously, you really coded that? :slight_smile:

He wasn’t the best buddy, so I did what every psychopatic cannibal would to -> butcher time!
I was in such a thrill of anticipation to make one of the finest meals from Alphai.
Then I noticed the recipe “Mannwurst”… but why?

I am shure it is a reference to the german krauts - with good reasons. It is funny.
As I am a kraut, I suggest: Call it “Hanswurst”

Hanswurst means some kind of a buffon or pentaloon. And the word is an example for the german composition of main words namly ‘Wurst’ from sausage and ‘Hans’ which is a common first name.

God, I love cataclysm

Mann is actually the german version of the male surname, like Mr.

I might be wrong, but I think thats the point :o

Then the right pronunciation would be “Mann[glow=red,2,300]s[/glow]wurst”

I like the ‘Hanswurst’ idea, but Mannwurst is also funny. :slight_smile:

The correct translation of Mann would be man.
Mr should be translated as Herr, for example Herr Mayer.

or. . . Herman :v

God, that suggestion is glorious. The only bad thing about it is that it wasn’t me who came up with it.

On a similar note, there should also be hummican. Or mannican?

You mean Her[glow=red,2,300]r[/glow]mann :slight_smile:
(Its both the same and both are typical spellings for the first name)

And a cannibal version of royal beef. Royal buffoon/beeffoon?

Royal Beefeater?

Who ordered the Pizza Placenta?


Royal beef isn’t even craftable any more, is it? I thought it was a holdover from when we only had two types of food, meat and veggy.

Still in the experimentals.

By the way, since there’s a means now to can meat to preserve it, then it would be nice if human flesh could have the same treatment so there won’t be a rush to turn them into jerky or smoke them.

Never mind me, since I just realized that you can do that already.