CHALLENGE: Power Hobo!

An idea born on IRC, the Power Hobo means business…

What makes a Power Hobo? First you have to cheat to achieve true power! By going into the Options and changing Maximum Trait Points setting to 25 (max) and changing Initial Points to 0. Now, in character creation, set all stats (Str/Dex/Int/Per) all down to 4. Setting trait points to max is so you can have the maximum amount of negative traits, the most hoborelevant, being: Bad Back, Illiterate, Jittery, Mood Swings, Schizophrenic, Smelly, and Ugly. I also had Hardcore on for my hobo, giving him 18 HP per bodypart. For profession, hobo.

That’s the guy, smelly bastard. Mine used his booze by throwing it between him and a zombie dog and lighting it on fire (he survived, amazing!) then went back to the shelter and spent some time with his mother(s), got thirsty and died laying in the shallows of a riverbank, even naked he was too weak to drag himself out so he could at least die on dry land. He was freezing, too, so I "D"ropped his pants to the left on dry land lit them for some warmth to die by.

As a side note, I ended up wishing I took Self Aware trait, because one bite to the torso from that zombie dog very nearly killed him outright :stuck_out_tongue:



Enjoyable read.

Think the challenge should be, try to find a liquor store.

lol…that was great, might have to try this.