- CDDA-Soundpack -


Do any one have a link to a sound pack that work for Android


The sound packs work on all versions. The only reason it would not work is that you don’t have enough RAM.


Should really include somewhere an installation instructions. I originally put this into the root/sound folder which the game will find the .txt file and think its loaded but you get no sounds. I then moved the folder into the /data/sounds and this worked. Also to note DO NOT move all the files in the actual folder into /data/sound as this will crash the game.


Started using this the other day because I was tired of hearing the same 2 songs in RRFSound. The ambient music fits the game so well, I really really like this sound pack. Thanks for putting this together.


hey kinda new player been here a year or so decided to switch from cooper to one of the experimentals can’t help but notice the monsters are grouped now a json has them in factions based on type could this be used to help code for different attack sounds like DAOWAce mentioned?


I gotta ask, where is track “bg14” from? It’s seriously creepy, especially around the halfway mark, i really like it.