- CDDA-Soundpack -


Doesnt work for mobile version…


Android or IOS? Phone/tablet specs?
Do other soundpacks work? Any other details would also be helpful.


Android, 4.4.4 kitkat smt113-nu. The Original Chesthole soundpack was working when i used it some time ago(1 or 2ish months). I extracted the zip and placed the folder inside to the cataclysm data/sound folder. And when i choose it then restart the app so it would work it would freeze then crash.


If the ChestHole soundpack worked, the only thing I can think about is that the android version of CDDA can’t handle the additional sound entries in soundset.json. I added a lot of entries for missing gun fire, distant gun fire and terrain/furniture smashing sounds, that’s the major difference between the soundpacks. If the android version has a debug.log in the config folder, could you make the game crash again and then upload it somewhere so I can take a look at it?


you might not have enough RAM, your device is running a very old version of android and has little RAM, 1gb isn’t much on android, especially since it has aggressive memory management, a bigger soundpack will end up using more RAM.

It’s why bigger tilesets like xotto crash the game on some devices.


Tested and works really well. Sounds great. The security alarm lowered to 35-50 works well too. I didn’t mind with earbuds at 50. 30 or so for anyone really sensitive.

Any way with the current builds to get a Vrrrmmmmmmmmm hum out of a vehicle?


Androind version needs around 2gb of RAM. It barely even turns on with 1gb and NO soundpack. There is the problem mate.


Not at the moment. @vulkans was working on it back in 2015 but stopped due to some problems with SDL. See the video below for the WIP (that uses audiere instead of SDL).

If nobody else improves the soundpack support I’ll probably try do it myself sooner or later. Link to the WIP branch Vulkans was working on: https://github.com/vulkans22/Cataclysm-DDA/tree/audiere


Well maybe Kevin can offer some help? Perhaps CoolThulu if he still codes here?

Would be interesting to see such sounds added =)

I just thought of a work around though. You could replace music ques with sound effects that stop and start same way the wumps and crashes do. So. In effect. In lieu of music a sound pack would have the option of added effects. =D

So all those vehicle sounds etc would be in the “music” section. A few other sounds could stack. Thoughts?


I’m in agreement with @dissociativity about the women pain and death sounds. I’d love to not have that. I haven’t installed the soundpack yet so I guess i’m looking to confirm whether it has been changed or not.


Also in agreement after dying last night.

Volume up, get blasted with a long, loud moany sound.

After that I threw the files in audacity and halved their volume along with replacing the offensive ones with the ChestHole/RFF sounds, and removed the 2 low quality ones (5 and 6?). Took the liberty to replace the alarm too.

Been a few months since the first report… can an update be pushed through to change this?

Also: Is there no differentiation between zombie attacks and animal attacks in the game? The sounds in your pack sound like wild animals, while the other pack sounds like zombies. I swapped those files as well, but it’s playing them on monster attacks so it’s a quite jarring. No idea if they can be separated (recently started playing).


I didn’t cod eit, but I would assume the sounds are linked, due to the game not originally having sound. So the functions are linked and the sound trails the function.

So “Attacked” is the action associated with everything getting attacked. Thus the sound…

So, it would be necessary to rewrite everything into their own autonomous code in order to achieve what should be a simple thing…and isn’t. =/


I’m a android user who has very little RAM…
I can’t run this soundpack as is but i made a really cut-down version that works…

env/ambience_and_weather sounds
env/open_close sounds
misc/game_over sounds
and all the player sounds

I used this soundpack to make it. So i was wondering if it was okay to post it in a new topic as a soundpack for people with low RAM… That okay?


PR #25155 just got merged to help reduce the amount of RAM Soundpacks require for sound effects.


Is there any way you could add bow sounds to the soundset.json file for the compound bow when it’s set to high and low tension?

I tried doing it myself but I broke the file (dont know what I’m doing)

The weapon names are compbow_high and compbow_low with compbow being the weapon that is already pointing to a sound file.


Soooo…do the soundpacks still work or are you saying they need to be redone to fit new experimentals?


Soundpacks should work fine without additional changes. The fix was entirely code, just messes with how data is loaded from files so that only a single copy of the sound file is ever loaded. All additional attempts to load the data just aliases to the existing data.


Oh neat! So it works like RAM? Grabs the one it needs already in memory instead of re-implementing another go of it every time?


yeah, helps a lot on android devices or other devices with low RAM, audio used to just use a shitton because it’d load another copy of the exact same file.

so Say gun 1 uses gun1 sound, but gun 2 and 3 use the same sound in that caliber, before it’d load that same sound into memory 3 times!

Now it only does it once, huge optimisation in RAM usage!


Nice. Thanks for the info. =D


Will the NPC can share the same damge sound as the PC did? also, I think winter has a chirp sound just dosn’t mix, same as the night with there’s cricket sound too,