CC "noncommercial" content

I just coded music into the game, and now I’m looking at some CC music. Most of it is “noncommercial”. I’m really unsure about this, in theory it should be okay, practically the definition is way too vague.

You may not exercise any of the rights granted to You in Section 3 above in any manner that is primarily intended for or directed toward commercial advantage or private monetary compensation.

So say, I set up a github repository with the piece of work on it(thus “exercise a right granted in section 3”) with the intent of implementing a bounty(thus “primarily intented toward commercial advantage or private monetary compensation”), then I will violate the license. What? Who wrote this shit? By this definition, you can sue anyone making money with your thing in any way, in which case why not just use a proprietary license with case-by-case permissions?

In CC's experience, it is usually relatively easy to determine whether a use is permitted, and known conflicts are relatively few considering the popularity of the NC licenses. However, there will always be uses that are challenging to categorize as commercial or noncommercial. CC cannot advise you on what is and is not commercial use. If you are unsure, you should either contact the rights holder for clarification, or search for works that permit commercial uses.

No, that doesn’t make it “easy”. In essence, with your license you’re not granting the user any protection or security at all. This is a bullshit license aimed at creators with zero regard to users of the content, and frankly I don’t want to stand on ice this thin when it comes to an open source project.

Well, that’s my opinion anyway. What do you guys think?

Well, find music with no non-commercial license clause…


P.S. it’s the difference between BSD/GPL, but for artists it’s harder to “graciously” copyleft since you do not need to compile music or raster, unless it’s some weird split between sheet music (svg or some meta-script-like-ps) and their resultant .midi (.bmp) files… aaaanywayz.

I highly doubt that fulfilling a bounty on z-level support will be “private monetary compensation” of a CC-NC licensed piece of music.

I think we already had one guy compose up a fairly comprehensive soundtrack for Cata that he agreed to give to us, you might want to get in touch with GlyphGryph about that.

I have soundtrack ready to go. E-mail me at to get it.

Oh, from the discussion we had I thought they had no license, but had been submitted for the “music contest thread”, which would imply CC-BY-SA like the game. If they explicitly are released under CC-BY-NC, I don’t want to touch them, because this project is definitely commercial by the CC definition.

Nope, those were different ones. The ones I submitted just had no license.

@GlyphGryph: Please look at Added sound capability to the game. by CIB · Pull Request #7216 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub Were those pieces submitted to you?

The person who “won” the thread provided me with a full album for use in the game.

Awesome, could make a soundpack from that I guess. We’ll need to think about when to play which music, though… Stuff like more tense music playing when a hostile enemy comes close, but all this stuff is much harder in a transition-less sandbox game than in say, a turn based RPG.

I used Winamp when I last played seriously, FWIW.

Thoughts on “when to play music”. I’m fond of a “designate song for X role” and letting players play whatever they’ve got; I’ve not (knowingly–I did give some of the candidates a listen) looked at or listened to the OST album. Likewise I’ve not parsed your code, so feel free to take these however you will:

a) Combat/noncombat. Probably tie it into safemode (if hostile within safemode trigger, shift to “combat” music). Optional change if the PC is Bleeding or has torso/head HP in pink or red: Critical Damage.

b) In Vehicle/Controlling Vehicle. Dunno whether it makes sense to have “road music” after the Cataclysm but Culture 19 (3MB mp3) would definitely be my personal pick.

c) The mp3 player, obviously–or not. Definitely a personal-preference thing.

d) Ambient, location-based: should probably use sparingly as we’d get HUGE amounts of size if you need music for every overmap tile. Temple, hazmat basement, maybe ice lab, and other such high-end locations might justify music to help set theme, but wev.

d1) Seasonal might be a better way and I think some albums covered that: spring/summer, autumn, winter.

In sum:
On foot: generic, combat, critical, location
In vehicle (crafting, etc): generic, combat, critical
Controlling vehicle: generic, combat, critical
mp3: just pull from whatever?

Yes, that’s the point of the soundset.json, you can define playlists by “theme”. Anyone with a lot of investment into the game and an understanding of JSON should be able to edit these themselves and drop the appropriate music in the directory, but obviously it’d be good to have an official sound pack for those just trying the game.

I wish I had something to offer this conversation other than just mentioning that I’m inordinately interested in seeing this come to fruition… Like, one of the top 3 things I’d like to see added (and I’m working on one of the others!)