Cataclysmic Cuisine

This was pretty popular a while back (A looooong while) because there was no cap on morale/focus, and you could get ridiculous skills by eating tons of candy. Now, however, it’s less effective.

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Buttered toasted genitals?

In the early game, I prioritize spoiling foods. I focus on finding foods that are enjoyable - TV dinners, fruit juices, fruit jams, yoghurt, pudding, etc - but will eat just about anything that doesn’t bite back, and anything that insists on biting when I don’t want to be bitten (I wonder what cougar actually tastes like).

In the mid game, I tend to eat a lot of meat pizza, waffles, oatmeal, or scrambled eggs, actually. With the exception of fresh fruits and fresh meats (which are easy enough to get, plant a garden next to your base or forage in open fields), the rest of the ingredients are non-perishable and you get 4 waffles/pizza slices every time you cook one up. Supplement with the contents of vending machines for happiness and either mixed drinks, ale/beer, or if I’ve had too much alcohol to drink lately then just water, tea, or soda. A typical mid game meal is a slice of pizza, a couple of handfuls of the good chips, some peanut butter cups, and a Belgian ale. I probably eat better after the fall of civilization than I did beforehand.

Lategame I mostly eat whatever comes to hand. When you start ranging far away from home, dinner is whatever you can cook over a burning bush next to your hobo-mobile. It stops mattering anyways, since with skill rust turned off I’m close to maxing out all of my skills anyways and mood isn’t as important.

By the way, why is yogurt spelled with an “h” in-game? It’s a little weird.

Because ‘yogurt’ is a loan-word from Turkish. There’s several valid spellings, and ‘yoghurt’ is but one of them.


Ya learn something new every day.

On a similar topic, my social studies student teacher–

Nah, I’ll save it for Bay12.


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Early game: Cooked Meat
Mid game: Still cooked meat.
Late game: If I’m feeling adventurous, maybe a meat sandwich.

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Buttered toasted genitals?


Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate how INCREDIBLE cooked corn dogs are for a morale booster. Poor man’s chocolate pancakes, they are.