I made a tutorial

So, I made a tutorial video, and would like some opinions

wait, DAMMIT, why is it so low quality

I Swear I recorded in hd, dammit.
well, thoughts, opinions?
Future episodes i will make senarios to teach specific things using debug menu, but why is it so low quality?
I use Official Broadcasting Software, or OBS, just so you know.

Woot! Tutorials! Dey’re my favorite! :smiley:

First off I would recommend starting with a fresh install of Cata for a tutorial so as not to confuse new people with all the different mods you might have in your main game. (also having mutations in character creation could be considered spoiler-esque)

For the selection of traits, night vision is one of the most important traits you can have as a new player. That extra square of sight makes a world of difference when getting into mid/late game (if they make it that far). Also I have found that taking fast reader for one point makes learning from skill books much easier if you are starting at an intelligence lower than 12.

For profession, the student is a very helpful profession because it gives you a backpack to carry stuff in but it does cost a couple points.

You probably don’t need so many skills at start. Dodge and Melee are good ones, as well as mechanics since it is difficult to level at the start. Fabrication is a bad choice since it is the easiest to level EVER. You break the benches at the shelter and cut them into pointy sticks. 2 points off the bat for about a minute and a half of work. Driving is up for debate as for its importance early game, but I think it may be worth the point. Trapping is also one of those iffy ones to start off with and I usually don’t take it. All zombies have clothes so gathering rags to level up tailoring isn’t that difficult, but getting out of that beginning grind could keep new players around longer.

Finding that bionic was a stroke of good luck, but you should have talked about bionics and what you need to install them rather than using yourself as a guinea pig. (Although showing newbies what happens if they don’t have the right skills was a very good idea)

As for the smashing, I know that if you smash one of the windows you can get some string. The string would allow you make a stone hammer. Also taking some 2x4s you can make a 2-by-sword which is a great beginning weapon since it allows you to block.

As for some other tips with tutorials. If you want to make sure you find certain items to teach about certain topics just make another character and debug in all the items where you want them. Also jump cuts are fine if you get interrupted in the middle of a video.

Your mentality for the tutorial is spot on though. Saying “Take this now, we’ll talk about it later” is much better than what I would do (cough cough 7 minute tirade on difference between weak stomach and lightweight cough cough) and keeps new players interested while also ensuring they have the right traits and skills for future lessons. So keep up the good work, and don’t forget to bring a flashlight!

[size=6pt]cause there are dark days ahead…[/size]

I knew aboot the Two by sword, and I also know that with fabrication you can turn it into a crude sword, I was just going to get into this in the CRAFTING tutorial, as it is the first multi step craft I did, and feel it is a good and easy start. The Bionic thing with the guinea pig was to show what happens when you screw up an install. I will also most likely re do the beginning without mods or other fluff to show what vanilla creation is