Cataclysm Succession Game

SHEB, THERE IS A CAR NEAR THE LMEO, i put it north west -ish from it. Put your moving napkin in the seat so you don’t teleport, and find a better car, maybe find a flatbed (if it is faster than the car you already have) and find my loot-full semi-truck, there are a few notes mentioning about some random semi-trucks, and one of the notes will say something like “loot this semi-truck”, the reason why i abandoned my old semi-truck is because an npc bugged it, and i cant drive without a debug message per tick (yes, i turned off debug messages, but it still pops up).

[quote=“Sheb, post:17, topic:2544”]Chapter 2) The Comeback

After a good night sleep, I decided to try to raid that army outpost once more. I took my M1911, my 50 rounds of .45, and, to wait for the darkness, decided to explore the forest to the east.

There I found a cave and a cabin. Neither had much of interest, but the cabin’s owner (now a Zeb) had a hand press and a set of die for ammo-crafting on him. Might be useful to make some more .45 ammo later on.

I also found several sets of traps, one of which was protecting a bunch of drugs.

You’ll be glad to know we now have access to Adderall, cocaine and meth.

Then, as the night finally set, I went to the military base. Against, the moon prevented me from getting nearer than 7-8 m from the turrets. One of them actually got a shot, and took most of my face with it.

However, it happens my plan had a flaw: I can’t shoot for crap.

After expanding my 50 rounds of ammo, only a single turret was down. I’m not sure what to do now. Give up on that army base for now? Try to kill the turrets with rocks? Any idea?[/quote]

You gotta click on view image, then use the “…” not “…”

Sorry, I usually use, I apparently made a mistake. Will fix it now.

Anyway, any comment on the writing? Do you want more or less images? More or less details?

Edit: Dang, just died. I convinced a NPC to travel with me, but forgot to exit the conversation screen and enter it again. I tried to trade, then failed a speech check and she one-shot me with exploding arrows.

I really wish the game didn’t destroy your save for case such as this one.

Get the car, raid a town, get bullets, get a new car, and get the semi-truck that got glitched by an npc (has alot of loot).
Take a picture of the town your raiding, the semitruck, and anything else that was cool while you drove around.
When you find a helicopter crash site put a note on the map to say if there is any steel, spiked, or hard plating.
I figure somone might wanna be the mechanic of the sucession game, maybe you can pimp up your “new” car. Since in the semi-truck there is a fully powered welder. And also when your sewing or cooking de-levels, get out of the car and read the book in your inv.
This is how i would do the week, do whatever you want.

Actually, your truck ain’t marked. There are only 2 trucks, none labelled “loot here”.

Should have mad a save-scum. Next guy can feel free to play on if he want, otherwise I’ll play tomorrow, but it’ll probably be less detailed. Probably not going to do what you want me to do, and just go hiking in the wilderness looking for stuff for a few days.

Save abusing is breaking a rule.

Well, wouldn’t want to save-scum to get better roll, or to avoid a mistake, but here I got killed due to the buggy NPC AI.

Its official:
Since nobody is participating, i think the succession game is dead.

Succession games tend to start slow. But yeah, maybe we should just clean the members list and start from the beginning?

Yeah, restart!

uh i still didnt get my turn dude sooo add me to the list?

If people are still being accepted to join, I’d be willing to.

Ok… its a resatart, i dont really feel like doing first, but i dont mind doing second :1