Cataclysm Quick Tips


How do I download it. Which is the right file?


Click the Green ‘Clone or Download’ button, select ‘download zip’. Then unzip the file and drop the directory into your CDDA/gfx folder.


Hello fellow Survivors!

A new Cataclsym Quick Tip is now available covering the ‘Haul Items’ hotkey that was added in Experimental release 8003.

Cataclysm Quick Tip #43 - Haul Items Hotkey

Stay Safe Out There! Vormithrax


I thought I knew it all, then you blow me away with that 'yell’ing at mooses thing. And 2 minutes after that, I saw a tip for yelling at wildlife on cata’s menu!
I like the series, lots of good stuff in there.

edit: I didn’t know this series was a thing, I watched em all. That’s why i’m commenting on mooses and not the haul items thing :wink:


I’m glad you found them helpful.


In this special edition Quick Tip episode Vorm explains the new fonts he is using that look absolutely fabulous!

Stay Safe Out There!



Greetings Fellow Survivors!

A new Cataclysm Quick Tip is available explaining how to get/build a ‘Cargo Dimension’ that provides 250,000 liters of vehicle storage space.

Good luck finding the items needed to build it!

Stay Safe Out There!



A champion among men, you are. Shit, you’re probably a good 40-50% the reason I went from ashy to classy in a few short months.


Cataclysm Quick Slip #2: Main Battle Tank Vs Scooter Deathmatch!



Did a 120mm shell get damaged somehow and detonate? It looked like the front end of that tank just evaporated. I’ve pancaked tons of scooters and never seen a vehicle get damaged like that by doing it.


What. I was pausing between frames to see if I could catch what happened and I couldn’t find it. Did the frame that you were sitting on evaporate via structural damage, leaving you in an empty space that the tank just rolled over? I don’t know. That’s as irritating as a grappler yanking me through a windshield while I’m going 80 mph.