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yeah I never knew about the inboard mirrors til I watched these awesome videos to :slight_smile:


Hello Survivors!

Here is a new Cataclysm Quick Tip episode!

Cataclysm Quick Tip #38 - Zone Manager (Hoarders and Farmers MUST watch!)

Stay safe out there!


Hello fellow Survivors!

Here is a new Cataclysm Quick tip that details the new butchering mechanics. I hope you find the information helpful.

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You know the new butchering system is complex when “Quick tips” video about it is almost 20 minutes long. :smiley:


Help save those precious key-presses before they go extinct!

Cataclysm Quick Tip #40 - Drop Category Mode

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Here is a new Cataclysm Quick Tip episode!

Cataclysm Quick Tip #41 - Move View Hotkeys

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Thanks man, these videos are great and really helped get me running in the game.


Vormithrax, thank you for making these videos. They’ve helped a lot of people!


Wow, those topics are amazing! Thanks so much for creating such a series, @Vormithrax


Here’s an idea for your videos! The Peek command could use some love. It lets you see around corners without risk. I swapped my Peek and Look key bindings, because when I’m trying to be stealthy I often peek into every square I’m stepping into first




I’ve only looked at your quick tip videos. Cool! Glad you covered it :+1:t2:


As requested elsewhere, I’d like to see a sequel to Where To Get Early Game Materials, for mid game resources:

Electronic scrap, Kevlar, neoprene… Anyone have other suggestions?


I’m pretty sure neoprene can (unless it can be found) only be made as I don’t believe it is a scavenge-able resource.


Neoprene? You can get by butchering Hard Leg Guards and Hard Arm Guards. Other than that you might try to cut down Wetsuits and similar swimming gear. Besides that, I have nothing else.

Electronic Scrap… You might try disassembling some electronic components. Micro motors, processor boards, unpowered lightstrips ( etc. )

Kevlar is pretty simple. Firefighter equipment ( Turnout Jackets, Pants, Shoes ) are probably the best source of kevlar. Kill Firefighter zombies on sight and wash the clothes, you might get something nice as a bonus like a gas mask. Police Zombies are also an option, but they drop kevlar vests rather ralely. Also combat boots, they can be sometimes dropped by other zombies, but the best bet is to hunt down Military Zombies.


For kevlar don’t forget Z-9’s. they drop the kevlar dog harness which yields 17 kevlar plates.


To be clear, I was suggesting a topic for a video, not requesting information. I’m more interested in hearing what people think are mid-game construction materials and then seeing another of Vorm’s videos.


Hello Fellow Survivors!

A new Cataclysm Quick Tip is now available detailing how to create a Zombie Nightlight and Backpack Buddy!

I hope you find the information helpful.

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What is the tileset you are using in that video?