Cataclysm DDA: Shareable Maps

Here’s a great idea for an addition to Cataclysm DDA: To be able to share our maps!
First, the ability to use a building mode to make the maps. in this mode we can set down the player’s spawn point, change the city’s settings,place items and buildings and add zombies in certain places. There’s also several additions:
Zombie Spawner: Spawns zombies at a set pace, you can set how fast you want them to spawn, if you want them to spawn faster or harder zombies over time and how many it will spawn in total.
Black Wall : This wall is completely indestructible. Good for making borders on endless survival maps or adventure maps.
You can then upload your map once you’re finished.
The ability to share our maps in an extra toggle bar. We can select tags to search for maps we want, check the most popular and newest maps and download maps.
I think this would really let people make their own custom campaigns or challenge maps for DDA, and this could add a new level of playability to the game.
Any suggestions? Comment below!

Here’s an idea, use the search function to look up why this won’t work easily.

Sharing maps is simple, just copy your map file, upload it to whatever file sharing site you want, and post a link. BAM, done. :stuck_out_tongue: As for an in-game sharer? Unlikely. One of the cool bits that a fair number of players like about cataclysm is that it doesn’t connect to the internet and is totally self contained.

As for a map editor that actually works from the overlap, it’s something that could certainly be possible later, but AFAIK there is still quite a bit of weirdness in coordinate stuff between the map and overlap, which makes any sort of editor on that scale more difficult to do.

I attempted a world editor once and had decent success at it. It was incredibly tedious to draw any serious amount of world, especially with things like rotations and multitile buildings. The multitile building weirdness was what actually drove me to jsonize overmap specials. It really needed something to automatically generate a world, because it is so tedious trying to draw an entire overmap, even with basic drawing tools (square, circle, etc)

Well, I know this for sure - if you can have both and gson[/b] for the purpose of managing your Tiles structuring and output - one could also wrap up a quick one for map editing, just for fun.